ROBOT BAND這支機器人樂團由五臺人形機器人所組成。其中三臺高80公分,其餘兩臺分別高60以及40公分。每隻機器人擁有超過22顆做為關節的伺服馬達,使他們可以坐在椅子上,也可以站立。其中4臺分別負責打電子鼓、敲鐵琴、壓克力平底鍋以及鈴鐺,



所有機器人接連接至一臺筆記型電腦。精密軟體中有預載好的標準MIDI檔案,是使用一般的音序軟體製作。每臺機器人都分配到一個MIDI頻道,舉例來說,將頻道1的數據傳輸至機器人A、頻道2的數據傳輸至機器人B;當數據回傳,控制伺服馬達的指令,就會透過一連串的纜線從精密軟體傳送至每臺機器人,而歌曲的音訊也能傳至語音合成裝置(這裡使用的語音合成裝置也是KORG公司的產品,能發出日本VOCALOID知名虛擬人聲「初音」的聲音)。至於主唱機器人,則是以擺出姿勢的指令取代音訊。 過去一年,機器人樂團至美國、中國、日本及臺灣盛大演出!

The robots are original productions of Tetsuji Katsuda. The robot band consists of five humanoid robots. The height of the three robots is 80 cm. The heights of other two robots are 60cm and 40cm. Every robot has more than 22 servomotors as joints. Although they are sitting on a chair, they can stand. Four of them play electronic drums,metallophones, acrylic-pan, and a set of bells. One of them is a singer with voice synthesis. In dark places, the LED of each robot glows beautifully.

The robots are my original productions. They look similar but different from each other and there is only one in the world. Mr. Katsuda made their frames with CNC and 3D printer. The servo motors and a controller are by Japanese maker KONDO-KAGAKU corp. He also developed a dedicated software which synchronizes the robots.

The acrylic electronic drums played by a robot are also original production. Hi hat, cymbal, snare drum and bass drum are beautifully designed. Every drum sends signal to the sound generator when it is hit. (The sound generator is a commercial product by KORG. It takes trigger from audio cable and generates drum sounds.)

All robots are connected to one laptop computer. A standard MIDI file is loaded into the dedicated software. A standard MIDI file can be made by normal musical sequence software. One of the MIDI channels is assigned to each robot. For example, data of channel 1 is sent to robot A, and data of channel 2 is sent to robot B. When data is played back, commands for controlling the servomotors from dedicated software are sent to each robot through a serial cable. The audio signals of the song are also sent to a voice synthesis device. (The voice synthesis is a commercial product by KORG. It generates VOCALOID Hatune-Miku voice.)

For the singer robot, commands to take the pose are sent instead of voice data.

The last year, exhibitions of the robot band were held in the United States, China and Taiwan as well as in Japan.